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Vaginoplasty is also known as vaginal tightening surgery. It is a procedure to enhance the feelings of sexual gratification and should allow the woman to feel and give more pleasure when making love. During childbirth the internal pelvic pressures cause the vaginal muscles to expand during the delivery and can result in weak, loose vaginal walls. This can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and can lead to sexual dissatisfaction and difficulty. Even after exercise the condition of the vaginal muscles may not improve. The aim of surgery is to improve the tone of the vagina by tightening the vaginal muscles and supporting tissues.

What does the surgery involve?

This procedure typically tones vaginal muscle resulting in greater strength, contraction and control. Vaginoplasty is a procedure that your surgeon would have undertaken many times. The stretched muscles at the back of the vagina are joined together and shortened with dissolvable stitches, and the excess skin removed. This tightens the vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissues by reducing the excess vaginal skin. The cuts and healing are on the inside of the vagina. If the muscle between the vagina and back passage (anus) are weak these may also be strengthened in a procedure similar to the repair that is undertaken if you have a tear or cut (episiotomy) at vaginal delivery.

How long does the surgery take?

The surgery takes about one hour to perform under general anaesthetic and usually involves an overnight stay.

What will happen in the recovery phase?

You will be a little sore and possibly swollen after the surgery but this discomfort usually settles within 2 – 3 weeks. You will be able to walk the day after surgery and return to work and sexual activity around six weeks following a satisfactory follow-up consultation.

What is the recovery time?

Recovery is quite quick and you will have resumed most of your normal activities 3 – 4 weeks after surgery and return to work by six weeks.

What can I expect from the surgery?

Your expectations have to be realistic. Many factors play a role in sexual gratification but you will have a significant decrease in diameter of the vagina and an increase in the tightness and tone of the vaginal muscles. This will restore the vagina and supporting structures to their “pre-pregnancy” state.

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