"Specialist Surgery can not only make you feel better
but can also boost your self esteem"


"I would like to say how nice it is to see Dr. Downey's bedside manner.
I wish she was my gynaecologist. When I had to see my G.P. about a problem down below, I had a bad experience. It was the first time I had to visit my G.P. for anything like this and I got a little upset due to being very nervous. The response I got was "Don't be silly you knew I was going to say that". When an appointment for a smear test came through, I put off going for a long time. Thankfully everything was ok, but having seen Dr. Downey on T.V. I felt compelled to email in and express my thoughts at how lovely she seems. I hope I come across more doctors like Dr. Downey in future.

Many thanks,
Hannah Darbyshire"

"Miss Downey performed my op, total hysterectomy, in May 2014.
From the very first appointment (initial consultation) to the very last (post-op review), I found Miss Downey to be caring and supportive. She explained my procedures clearly and without using jargon or emotive language.
She commands the respect of all around her; the porter who showed me to my room said I couldn't have picked a better consultant gynaecologist and he should know as he sees and speaks to patients on admittance and on discharge!
Theatre staff also spoke highly of her and reassured me that my op would take place on time because Miss Downey was at the helm (and it did).
The operation went very well thanks to Miss Downey and her team; I made a full and speedy recovery and am now living life to the full. I've taken up running, cycling and have returned to salsa.
Miss Downey is very much a woman's woman and I can't thank her enough for her care and expertise!

Warm Regards
L. Doula"

"I was referred to Miss Downey by my G.P. after three types of medication had been unsuccessful in alleviating my very heavy and irregular periods.

At the first consultation, Miss Downey examined me and asked lots of questions, suggesting ultrasound scans and a hysteroscopy/D&C to confirm her diagnosis. At the follow up consultation, Miss Downey patiently and thoroughly answered my many questions, even drawing a diagram to illustrate a point. I felt that I was able to make an informed decision to proceed with the recommended treatment, in my case a total hysterectomy.

Miss Downey reassured me before the operation and came to tell me that it had gone well shortly after I was back in my room. Miss Downey saw me each day during my hospital stay, including both a Saturday and Sunday.

In my opinion Miss Downey is a very dedicated and caring doctor who shows great empathy and kindness. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any woman who needs to see a gynaecologist.

Rachel - Birmingham"