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Advice following diathermy treatment to the cervix

You have received treatment to the neck of your womb (the cervix). This means the abnormal cells on your cervix have been removed with a hot wire and should also mean that your smear test should now return to normal. Just because you have had treatment does not mean that you have cancer. What is does mean is that we have managed to get rid of cells that could have become cancer had they been left untreated. Most women are completely cured by this treatment and only 2% require a second treatment. We will review you in 6 months time to make sure your smear test has returned to normal.

What is normal and abnormal following treatment?

  • You will have a red/ brown vaginal discharge for approximately 10 - 14 days.
  • You should not have sexual intercourse for 4 weeks and avoid using tampons with you next period. This will allow the area to heal.
  • Bath/shower as you would do normally, but do not douche inside the vagina.
  • If you have any very heavy bleeding with clots that is not normal period, you should contact us or your GP immediately.
  • We will write to you within 2-3 weeks time with the results.
  • You will be reviewed in 6 weeks time – if you have not been given an appointment then please contact the clinic.

Advice following diathermy treatment to the cervix

The Birmingham Gynaecology Clinic on
Telephone: 0121 421 6655
Mobile: 07852 901405
Or  the Consulting Suites at which you were treated

Priory: 0121 446 1636
BMI Edgbaston: 0121 452 2810

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